HAPPY GO LUCKYは逗子海岸にある海の家です。私たちは逗子海岸の良さをたくさん知っています。みなさんに、この素敵な海岸を思う存分満喫して欲しい、とっておきの時間を、一生の思い出に残るくらい、素敵なものにして欲しいと考えています。穏やかに流れる波、雄大な富士山、幻想的な夕日。全ての思い出は、これらの自然から生まれます。私たちは、そこに少しのスパイスを効かせるのが得意です。旅をするように、刺激的な一日をHAPPY GO LUCKYで過ごしませんか?

Happy Go Lucky is a beach bar located on the Zushi Beach. It is one of the finest beaches just out of Tokyo with a private and cozy vibe. During the short 2month period of summer, our beach house comes alive waiting for you to enjoy this special time with us.-the calm soothing waves, picturesque sunset, and the majestic Mt. Fuji… The natural element of this location itself will give you an experience like no other. We are just good at adding that special spice to your special summer day. We hope your stay with us will be a moment in summer that will always stay with you in shapes of memories. Come and have an exciting day like you’re on a journey at Happy Go Lucky!

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